Aug 5, 2008

Having Trouble Deciding on How to Decorate Your Child's Room?

As expectant mothers there are a lot of important decisions that we need to make on behalf of our new babies-to-be, many of which can be rather stressful. What hospital will I have him at? Will I breastfeed? Will I try a natural labor? Who will be his pediatrician? What college fund will I start?

And then there are the fun, and sometimes frivolous, choices that we have to think about, like what to put on our registries and how to decorate the new nursery...

Decorate the new nursery! Who am I kidding, this was one of the things that stressed me out the most. Why? because with this pregnancy I now know a lot more mothers, and I swear all of my friends are pregnant. So, if you are anything like me you will want to make certain that there is still some sort of individuality and style in your future child's decor, because of course it would be such a faux pas if you all ended up with the same baby bedding. (Make sure you read that last line in a super snotty tone of voice).

What did I end up doing? A nautical theme, real original huh! But in my defense I am having custom artwork painted from photographs that I took on my honeymoon in Italy. They are of boats in a harbor near the Cinque Terre. They will be sophisticated, a little grown up and I will keep them forever. (I will be sure to take photos for you all to see when they are complete).

Anyway, if you are having trouble getting inspired you have to check out On the left hand side of their home page there is a tab titled "Get Inspired" where readers have sent in photos of their children's rooms...and they are great. I can't get over how creative and stylish parents are!

So I hope this site helps you with at least one of these important questions. Oh and you might be wondering what my friends did? Well they are all having girls, so they can battle it out amongst themselves...phew

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the terrific mention! We look forward to seeing you son's pressure, really. I am sure it will have amazing art! - Melisa