Jul 28, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

Yes I did it, I spoiled myself rotten and bought the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cosmopolitan Carryall in Midnight Blackberry Cake.

They say that the Fall 2008 Cake Collection is "vintage style meets current-day functionality for the sophisticated mom on the go." Well I don't know how sophisticated I am, but I sure feel like a princess carrying this bag. (Although I am not due to have Cameron until Sept, so for now it sits lonely in his room).

I knew that I wanted a diaper bag that didn't look like a diaper bag, so the Cosmopolitan Carryall's shape was just what I had been hoping for. The fabric has a unique look and feel with it's black cut velvet and cream tweed background, which Neiman Marcus describes as Art Deco in pattern.

What I also love about the bag is that you can actually change the style by detaching the shoulder straps and adding the longer messenger straps; I find that makes it very versatile. It also includes a zippered changing station, matching black wipes case and many pockets to eventually stuff with bottles, breast pads, cheerios, baby food, spare clothes, slobbery pacifiers, spit-up covered bibs and most likely, the odd dirty diaper. Remind me why I spent $342 on a diaper bag again...

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